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Through all stages of your pet’s life, we’ll be there for your pet. We know how exciting it can be to bring a new pet into your home, and we want to make sure they start off on the right foot. Bringing them to meet their the veterinary team at Country Friends Veterinary Clinic early on can help them (and you) get a good vaccination and checkup schedule. During their first visit, we’ll perform a full nose-to-tail physical examination to look for any concerns with your pet’s health.

During these important visits, we’ll discuss nutrition, vaccine schedule, training, grooming tips, and how to keep your new pet protected against parasites. Of course, these things will be important as your pet ages, too.

We’ll also work hard to protect your pets from parasites. Parasites like fleas, ticks, and roundworms can cause serious illness and even death in pets. Ticks can transmit infections like Lyme disease, and fleas can transmit tapeworms and Bartonella, the bacteria that causes cat-scratch fever in humans. Even mosquitoes can transmit heartworm to your pets – living in your pet’s lungs and heart, causing severe damage and sometimes even death. Roundworms and hookworms can also threaten pets and can even be transmitted to humans. We’ll make sure you have the information and tools needed to keep your pet protected from these scary parasites.

From their early days to their golden years, we’ll be here to make sure your pet’s lifestyle and overall health is a top priority.

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