It’s National Veterinary Technician Week!

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Blog

October 15-19 is recognized as National Veterinary Technician Week. In honor of our hardworking technicians, Dr. Robin Westwood, licensed veterinarian at CFVC, would like to highlight the important role our technicians play in the daily function of our veterinary hospital.

Navta National Vet Tech WeekVeterinary hospitals are comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, office and hospital managers, receptionists, groomers and kennel personnel. All of these positions are extremely valuable and essential for a veterinary hospital to run smoothly and offer the best client and patient service. All of the people who work and excel in these positions love animals and wish to help them to the best of their ability.

This week is veterinary technician week and I wanted to highlight the very important job that veterinary technicians perform. Here at Country Friends Veterinary Clinic, we employ some of the best that I have ever worked for (and I have worked with a lot of technicians)!

For me being a doctor, veterinary technicians are my right hand and I could not practice exceptional medicine without them. It takes numerous years to become trained and gain all the essential skills needed. In addition to on the job training, they may become certified by attending a special school for veterinary technicians. They continue to learn during their careers and update their skills by attending continuing education seminars.

Veterinary technicians are under the direct guidance and supervision of the doctors. Just look below to see the incredible number of duties they perform. No wonder it is difficult for us to function without them!


  1. In-Patient Medical Care– give medications, assist or perform treatments, diagnostics & monitoring, place IV catheters, draw blood, run lab tests, administer IV fluids, cleaning, feeding, and walking patients as needed.
  2. Room technician– assisting the doctor with outpatient appointments, preparing, restocking, cleaning exam room, check patients in and out, take history and vitals, input date into the patient medical record, ensure a smooth and timely flow of appointments from the check-in to the discharge
  3. Anesthesia– induction, maintenance, monitoring, & recovery of patients, clean / maintain anesthesia equipment
  4. Surgery– Surgical prep, doctor assistance, clean, sterilize, and maintain all surgical instruments and OR equipment
  5. Dentistry– Provide patient dental care, ultrasonic cleaning, and polishing, assist the doctor with dental surgery, take dental radiographs
  6. Radiology– positioning patients and taking radiographs, submitting for consults
  7. Laboratory duties– collecting, preparing, & running or submitting samples for requested tests; reading and recording results when indicated (fecals, Urines, Ear cytology etc) when requested by the doctor
  8. Preparing invoices, discharge instructions, and client information packs
  9. Client communication– give patient updates, discharge instructions, and provide follow-up for certain hospital patients.
  10. Client medical demonstrations / education
  11. Technician appointments– blood draws for therapeutic monitoring/screening tests, bandage changes, post-op checks, suture removals, Anal gland expressions, nail trims
  12. Assist with reception / front desk duties as needed- answering phones, booking appointments, admit/discharge patients
  13. Assist in training and mentoring new team members
  14. Assist with inventory control, ordering, unpacking, restocking drug & medical supplies
  15. Preparing prescriptions, dispensed medications & medication refills


The technicians at Country Friends Veterinary Clinic are definitely busy and are absolutely exceptional at what they do! Thank you so much, Christina, Carrie, Ashley, Wes, Meghan, Robin, and Flora! We would not be where we are without you guys!

Dr. Robin Westwood and the staff at CFVC invite you to share your appreciation for our technicians by commenting on our facebook page this week as we highlight each individual technician. For more information about veterinary technicians check out