CFVC Can Help in a Natural Disaster

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Blog

Disasters, natural or otherwise, are frightening, costly, and can leave behind injuries and loss.  Most emergencies or disaster situations are upon us before we have time to think or prepare.  Country Friends Veterinary Clinic recommends assembling a disaster/emergency plan and a kit for your family and pets.  We have posted some information about how to do this on our social media site.

At Country Friends Veterinary Clinic, we also feel it would be good for you to know how we are prepared should the unexpected occur.

Our hospital is a shelter facility.  The hospital is prepared to shelter animals injured or displaced by a disaster.  Country Friends has the physical space and facilities to take in dogs and cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, small ruminants and the like until we reach capacity.   Should Country Friends Veterinary Clinic not be available for shelter, we will set up an alternate practice location prepared for emergent and routine care.

We are an ideal location for animal emergencies during a disaster.  We have trained staff to address and triage animal cases.  We have a certain amount of in-stock medications and supplies that can be utilized.  We are also capable of good continuity of care between our trained professionals, the community, and owner.

CFVC works closely with the local law enforcement and the local animal shelters.  This is something we do as a regular part of daily practice, so a relationship is already there should disaster strike.  Working routinely with these local entities allows open communication among all parties involved in human and animal care and reunion.  This also allows us to act quickly and effectively on behalf of the community.

Microchip scanning is available for all animals.  Any animal can have a microchip placed.  This chip is encoded with a unique number that is stored in a national database along with the animal owner’s personal contact information.  Country Friends Veterinary Clinic is equipped with scanners that read microchips.  Our staff is trained to use these scanners and contact the national database to collect owner information.  It is a hospital policy that we scan every new pet and every stray animal.  The hospital is also available for microchip placement year-round.

Country Friends Veterinary Clinic strives daily to prepare ourselves to meet the needs of our clients and patients in all situations.