February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the most common questions we receive from our clients about their pet’s dental health. Nicole, one of our technicians, conducted an interview with each of the veterinarians on staff at Country Friends Veterinary Clinic. Read the interview below.

“Why does my pet need his/her teeth cleaned?”

“There is a direct correlation between how long a pet lives and how healthy they are, pertaining to dental disease.” – Kerri McMahon, DVM

“What happens if I do not have professional dental cleanings performed?”

“Not having professional cleanings performed can lead to secondary dental diseases. Every pet is unique. Some pets will have more plaque and tartar than other pets.” -Barbara Braziel, DVM

“How are dental cleanings performed?”

“A pet is placed under general anesthesia for a full oral exam. After the exam, an ultrasonic cleaning (or prophy) is performed with polishing.” -Rhonda Phillips, DVM

“What are the best options for maintenance between professional dental cleanings?”

“Brushing teeth. Special diets are available such as T/D (produced by Hills). Nothing replaces brushing.” -Robin Westwood, DVM

If you have any other questions about dental cleanings or your pet’s dental health, please call us at 92-636-9562, and our staff would love to speak with you. During the month of February, receive 10% off all dental related products and services at Country Friends Veterinary Clinic.

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